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Why Choose Lanari Photography?

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You have one chance at wedding images to last a lifetime.

Trust Lanari Photography to capture your story beautifully.


PINDetails Make the Difference

From initial consult to final album delivery, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the wedding photographs you have always dreamed about.  The first step is to have coffee with us so you know 100% that we are the perfect photographers for you, and you trust us with your precious memories.  After that, everything in our process is aimed at making your wedding day as stress-free as possible.

Your engagement session allows us to experiment and find out which poses are right for you and which jokes we have to tell to get him to laugh, so you gain confidence knowing your wedding photographs will turn out amazing.  A month before your wedding, we meet again in person to lay out a custom plan for your wedding day so we don’t miss a single moment or family portrait.  And when your wedding day finally arrives, we are there with smiles and backup equipment to catch the big moments you’ve dreamed about and all of the little moments you never knew existed.




Love at First Light

Photography is light.  In simplistic terms, light enters the camera, gets captured on the sensor, and makes an image.  So you need a photographer who knows how to harness that light for the powers of good.  Almost anyone can make you look good in soft, golden, sunset light.  We can make you look amazing in ANY sort of light.  We’ve even photographed a wedding reception when the power went out!  Tom has a background in theatrical lighting design, and we take advantage of it every chance we get.  Most people are scared of lighting equipment, but we promise you’ll never look like a deer in headlights.  This is years of training and talent all aimed at making you look and feel your best.





Real Emotions for Real People

When you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, it shows.  We all remember the fake smiles, stiff posture, and awkward hair styles of our school portraits (We went to school in the 80s.  Trust us, we know awkward.).  Throw all that out the window and imagine a session where you actually have fun!  We understand that how the camera “sees” people is very different from how our eye sees people.  To that effect, we have tried and true techniques to make you look and feel your best.  We have tons of ridiculous jokes in our arsenal to get even the toughest cookie to smile naturally.  That portrait you saw on Pinterest may be beautiful, but if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right for you.  We find what’s uniquely beautiful for you, because you deserve to remember your love as it is at this very moment.





Families Rock!

We love our family to pieces, and we assume you do too!  We know that images of the people you love are some of the most important images we’ll take on your wedding day.  Whether it’s a candid moment of your grandpa seeing you in your wedding dress, or an extended family portrait with relatives you haven’t seen in ten years, we keep portraits running smoothly and fun for everyone.